OSCON 2014 Trip Report, part 1

Eric Gustafson


This year’s OSCON was my first attendance of the conference; I was pleasantly surprised. The conference is 5 days, the first two of which are half day tutorial sessions, and the remaining 3 being the core conference. I attended the 3 core days of the conference, and my brain was completely overflowed by the end.

In this post, part 1 of 2, the interesting items of note in the Keynote presentations are discussed. A follow on post will catalog the main sessions I attended.


Each morning OSCON has an hour’s worth of 5-15 keynote presentations – a format I hadn’t seen, but like. High density and thought provoking, each keynote is recorded and available for every one to view. The following are my picks for most intriguing, (in no particular order).

Coming in part two: my notes on the sessions I attended.